Coffee Maker Machine Stainless Steel Double Mesh Milk Frother Milk Creamer

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Material: Stainless Steel

Description: Size: 8*17.5CM

Instructions for use


1, the first use, the first milk device removed from the packaging, washed with water. Then half of the water into the boiling water to cook on the heater;


2, the heated water drained into the milk (according to the number of people, the general four were injected into the milk device to play one-third of the height), the milk device on the heater heated to milk with hot air to take Out; or milk into the microwave heating 60 to 70 degrees, into the milk pot;


3, the milk device removed from the heater, and then press and hold the milk device, the upper and lower tic about the middle of the rod about 2-3 minutes (or 20 or so), until the milk bubble to the top of the cup, then you can Add the foamy milk to the coffee. After each use, are required to wash with water, dry.


Usage: Pour fresh milk under the number of pulling a thick milk foam in the pre-made coffee into the foam, Serve a cup of fragrant cappuccino milk ...

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