Lemon Glass Cup Transparent Elegant Durable Juice Cup Milk Mug Teacup - 13.5 oz

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Material: Glass

Description: 【1】Unique cup design keeps your cup hot (or cold) far longer than a simple regular glass. Can be used as a Milk cup, Water Cup, Juice Glass ect


【2】Borosilicate glass is both food and dishwasher safe. It handles heat and cold temperatures very well while remaining light and easy to handle.


【3】ELEGANT & STYLISH ?DESIGN - Beautiful Accessory for Soda,Fruit Juice,Milk Tea,Tea, Coffee, Espresso, Iced Teas, Matcha. Perfect Gift for all occasions.


【14】Dear Customer:Just you have any question,please contact us,we will do our best to help you.


Product Details :


Material: heat resistant glass

Capacity: 400ml


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